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Wasslamu'alaykum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh

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Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Tube Care for TK Al Hidayah 2008 Semarang

SEMARANG - The National Humanitarian PKPU Semarang cooperate with educational institutions in the program Tube Care, alms for a friend. Schools that participate in early March this was TK Al Hidayah 2008 Mount Pati, Semarang.

The program was launched on Tuesday (03/01/2011) in front of parents and 52 students of TK Al Hidayah 2008 Semarang. Parents are very support this program. As an evidenced during the launch event, they are very enthusiastic attention and listen to any explanation given about Tube Care Team PKPU Semarang.

"I strongly support this good program, and I hope with this program children will get used to sharing and charity every day to his friends who could not afford," said Choyimah, TK Al Hidayah 2008 Head of Semarang.

Tube Care was taken home by students in the hope that families could also participate actively in this program, so the program can run well and in line with the expectations.

Tube Care PKPU will be collected three months ahead. The money raised will be distributed to several activities such as construction madrasa / school, tuition assistance students can not afford, teacher capacity building and humanitarian assistance such as natural disasters, and so forth.

From the passage of Tube Care program, has managed to build a school in the village Gorowong, Moroccan village, Garut regency of West Java, as well as other areas. From a small but useful extraordinary. School you want to join? Contact PKPU Semarang by Retno (024) 70787578. (PKPU / Retno / Semarang)

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